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Here's what our clients had to say about our mobile jewelry appraisal service ...

Hi Michael,

Thank you for coming to our house for the appraisal. It was so convenient for my husband and I. Thank you also for your quick response (same day) to my email and coming out next day. We were really stressing on the diamond we purchased but your detailed inspection and full report has put us at ease on our purchase. Learned a lot about diamonds from you as well! Enjoyed working with you and will highly recommend you to whoever I can.

Thanks again!

Best, Sabrina and Tim Chisholm - May 2010

When I contacted Mr. Rogers for a ring appraisal, he got back to me within the hour. We set up a time for him to meet me at my home. Michael was professional and thorough, not to mention funny. I enjoyed working with him and will definitely refer friends and family when they need an appraiser. I am thrilled with the service I received from him.

Samantha McDonnell - April 2010

My appraisal experience with Michael was fantastic. As I am a busy professional, I appreciated his mobile service and the time it saved me. His professionalism was impressive and his friendliness was well received. I give him the highest of recommendations.

My best, JJJ - Rancho Bernardo - February, 2010

If you're looking for an insurance appraisal on your engagement ring, look no further than Michael Rogers. After the initial 1 year warranty expired from our jeweler, I needed to add my fiancee's ring to our insurance plan. I called Robins Bros. - where I purchased the ring - and they actually recommended Michael before their own vendor. They informed me that Michael had been in the appraisal business for almost 20 years, was a former employee of Robbins Bros. and comes highly recommended by both the jeweler and his clients.

Michael has a mobile jewelry appraisal service which means you don't have to send your jewelery anywhere. You simply agree on a time and place to meet and he shows up with all of the necessary equipment to complete the appraisal right in front of you. The total time it took to complete was less than an hour. The quote from Robbins Bros. and their outside vendor was 4-6 weeks! That's right - you would have to send your ring away and out of your hands for over a MONTH before getting it back. And at TWICE the cost that Michael charges.

On top of his years and experience, convenience and price break, Michael is a genuine, down to earth guy. He met us at our home and we talked throughout the entire appraisal. From asking us what we do and sharing stories about our dogs, to helping us understand the quality of our diamond, it was a true pleasure to have Michael complete our appraisal. He comes highly recommended and you will not be disappointed.

Jason Farnan - San Diego, CA - December, 2009

Hi Michael,

Thanks again for appraising my ring and giving me a crash course in diamond buying. I did not have the first clue about what I was looking for and when it came to buying something as important as an engagement ring, I was extremely stressed not having the knowledge it took. In retrospect I wish I came across your website before I shopped so I had a better insight on what to look for.

Ultimately I made the purchase before I found your site and I was up for two days straight worrying about my decision, not knowing if I bought a cheap stone or paid too much. I found your site and emailed you, on a Sunday no less, and you responded within an hour. The next morning you were at my desk appraising my ring. Your copious and thorough answers to all my questions put all my fears to rest and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything. Your instant/immediate response, your education and guidance on diamonds, and last but not least your friendly demeanor gives me the confidence to recommend you to anyone I know needing your services. Thanks!

Nick - Oceanside, CA - November, 2009

I am so thankful to Michael for our mobile appraisal. Because of his great service I was able to get the ring of my dreams, get a very informative education and a comprehensive report about our engagement ring. Without Michael I would have never known that the ring was worth nearly $2000 more dollars than we paid for it. I loved that we were able to get an appraisal in person rather than sending it off to who knows where. Now I know exactly what to look for to make sure that I don't get "duped by diamonds". I will happily use him for all of my appraisal needs in the future and recommend his appraisal service to all of my friends and family.

Joyleen N. Tropel - Fallbrook, CA - May 2009