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Hi Michael ~

Thanks again for helping me get the appraisal I needed to add a jewelry rider to my Homeowners policy.

I was so happy to find a mobile service that spared me the hassle of transporting my pieces and waiting around somewhere while they were appraised. I greatly appreciated your quick response time and felt very at ease with you from the moment we spoke on the phone to when you arrived on my doorstep the next day!

It was interesting to watch you work and have you share some facts with me. I'm so happy you discovered the loose stones in my wedding band so I could get it repaired before I lost one of them! Thanks again!

Pam - San Diego - May 2011

It is very hard to find a graduate gemologist qualified to give jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes here in Southwest Riverside County. The one other person who does it in this area is unfortunately on an extended medical leave so I turned to the internet, where I was lucky to find Michael Rogers. He is based out of San Diego County but offers mobile service and was willing to travel to Temecula.

He was very prompt and professional both with calls back to arrange a time to meet and showing up the day of the appraisal. He brings all of his equipment and computer to your location and is able to do while-you-wait service.

Some jewelers say they offer appraisal but in reality they want to keep your items for several days or even weeks and send it out to a different location. With Michael Rogers, your jewelry never leaves your sight. Also his turnaround on the report is very quick because he is able to do the appraisal then and there.

He produced an 11-page professionally written document plus cover letter that I could email to my insurance company.

Cost is competitive with regional appraisers (maybe even a better deal considering that he doesn't charge extra for mobile service.)

Julie G. - Temecula - May 2011

Michael Rogers is very professional and very reasonable price, I highly recommend him.

E.A. - Oceanside - May 2011

Awesome guy, fast, easy, professional, and reasonably priced. Would definitely use again. Thanks Mike!

Jason P. - San Diego - April 2011

It was so easy to get the appraisal. He was very professional and nice. You get the whole appraisal In less than an hour without ever having to leave your house. Very easy to schedule an appointment and he was very knowledgeable.

Nicole H. - Del Mar - March 2011

I was searching to find an appraiser who wouldn't require that I leave my diamond ring with them, and was a Graduate Gemologist. I had a hard time at first finding someone who would return calls, etc. and he was great because he
A) answered phone B) He is mobile C) very quick & efficient

I was given a pdf. document immediately upon his completion of inspection. I would refer his services to anyone - very professional & courteous!

April W. - San Marcos - March 2011

I was referred to Gem Secrets Gemological Services by Robbins brothers because I did not want to leave my diamonds with just any jeweler. Michael Rogers came to my home on time and was very personable, professional and reasonably priced. He did the evaluation right in front of us, let us view what he saw in the microscope, explained what he saw and provided us with an appraisal. I would most certainly recommend Michael and Gem Secrets to anyone who wants to have their jewelry appraised by someone so honest and professional.

I.Kopstein - Missio Viejo - March 2011