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Buying a diamond ring can be a terrible ordeal. Most people will have to deal with dishonest jewelers, unknowledgeable salespeople, and the fear of having their diamond switched. ” The Secrets to Buying Diamonds “, is an informative guide that describes everything from the basics about diamonds, how to choose a jeweler, diamond grading reports, appraisals and insurance, to jewelry care. This book will show readers exactly what they’re up against when buying a diamond and what needs to be done after the initial purchase. This guide also includes my own personal experiences when appraising at different retail and wholesale structures to the public. Buying that special diamond can be a frustrating ordeal. “The Secrets to Buying Diamonds” will help people who have either gone down that confusing road before, or plan to buy that first special diamond.

New inside are illustrations of various styles of mountings, information on the newest diamond cuts, diamond checklists to aid readers in making the right diamond buying decisions, and colored photos to help you identify different types of inclusions, enhanced and synthetic diamonds, and the newest diamond look-alike out on the market – moissanite.

The book also covers what the author encountered while shopping for a diamond with Gail Stewart of KFMB Channel 8 News investigative team in San Diego. Using a hidden camera, they traveled to various jewelry stores exposing an array of problems including jewelers refusing to accept returned merchandise, confusing exchange policies, and inexperienced salespeople giving out misinformation.