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San Diego Mobile Jewelry Appraiser,  Graduate Gemologist

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San Diego Jewelry Appraiser

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Here's what our clients had to say about our mobile jewelry appraisal service ...


Mike, When considering having a ring appraised it is so important to turn to a trusted source. That is why I made it a point to look for a GIA graduate Gemologist. When I saw your credentials from your past work, I knew you were the one to trust. Your time, patience and attention to detail were greatly appreciated and your integrity and experience were evident in the appraisal. 


Thanks so much for the diamond lesson. I probably know more about diamonds now than I ever thought possible. It's nice to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that what I purchased is what was represented. I'm sure my future wife and I will be happy with our ring for years to come and we will be sure to highly recommend you to anyone in need of appraisal services.



Ron Hollis

San Diego, CA


Michael, Amanda and I would like to thank you again for the excellent job you did in performing our ring appraisal.  Without your appraisal we would have never known that our ring was white gold (we paid for platinum).  Your appraisal backed us up on the jewelry store's serious mistake.  We were able to get our money back and are extremely thankful we had the ring appraised.  Amanda and I were skeptical at first about a mobile jewelry appraisal, but after our experience we now know it is completely legit. Michael did an excellent job on the appraisal and was dead on the price of the ring.  Thank you again for your help.


Nathan Asaro

San Diego, CA


I am so thankful to Michael for our mobile appraisal.  Because of his great service I was able to get the ring of my dreams, get a very informative education and a comprehensive report about our engagenment ring.  Without Michael I would have never known that the ring was worth nearly $2000 more dollars than we paid for it.  I loved that we were able to get an appraisal in person rather than sending it off to who knows where. Now I know exactly what to look for to make sure that I don't get "duped by diamonds".  I will happily use him for all of my appraisal needs in the future and recommend his appraisal service to all of my friends and family.


Joyleen N. Tropel

Fallbrook, CA  

May 2009


Hi Michael -I just wanted to thank you again for coming up to San Clemente to appraise my pieces. Your credentials speak to your professional expertise but your personal attention is just as impressive.  Not only did you return my call promptly, you were able to accommodate my schedule and my location without any fuss.  The fact that you work "mobile" is a big plus!  My mother was a jeweler so I know something about the business.  Your courtesy and professionalism are matched with integrity and a personable demeanor.  I appreciate your discussing with me the various factors that are considered when valuing a piece of jewelry and how those factors effect insurance coverage.  I would highly recommend you to anyone needing appraisal services.  

Kindest regards and success always,


Kristi Russell

San Clemente, CA


Hi Michael, 

Thanks again for appraising my ring and giving me a crash course in diamond buying.  I did not have the first clue about what I was looking for and when it came to buying something as important as an engagement ring, I was extremely stressed not having the knowledge it took.  In retrospect I wish I came across your website before I shopped so I had a better insight on what to look for. 

Ultimately I made the purchase before I found your site and I was up for two days straight worrying about my decision, not knowing if I bought a cheap stone or paid too much. I found your site and emailed you, on a Sunday no less, and you responded within an hour. The next morning you were at my desk appraising my ring. Your copious and thorough answers to all my questions put all my fears to rest and I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything. Your instant/immediate response, your education and guidance on diamonds, and last but not least your friendly demeanor gives me the confidence to recommend you to anyone I know needing your services.  Thanks!


Oceanside, CA

November, 2009


If you're looking for an insurance appraisal on your engagement ring, look no further than Michael Rogers. After the initial 1 year warranty expired from our jeweler, I needed to add my fiancee's ring to our insurance plan. I called Robins Bros. - where I purchased the ring - and they actually recommended Michael before their own vendor. They informed me that Michael had been in the appraisal business for almost 20 years, was a former employee of Robbins Bros. and comes highly recommended by both the jeweler and his clients.

Michael has a mobile jewelry appraisal service which means you don't have to send your jewelery anywhere. You simply agree on a time and place to meet and he shows up with all of the necessary equipment to complete the appraisal right in front of you. The total time it took to complete was less than an hour. The quote from Robbins Bros. and their outside vendor was 4-6 weeks! That's right - you would have to send your ring away and out of your hands for over a MONTH before getting it back. And at TWICE the cost that Michael charges.

On top of his years and experience, convenience and price break, Michael is a genuine, down to earth guy. He met us at our home and we talked throughout the entire appraisal. From asking us what we do and sharing stories about our dogs, to helping us understand the quality of our diamond, it was a true pleasure to have Michael complete our appraisal. He comes highly recommended and you will not be disappointed.

Jason Farnan
San Diego, CA

December, 2009


"My appraisal experience with Michael was fantastic.  As I am a busy professional, I appreciated his mobile service and the time it saved me.

His professionalism was impressive and his friendliness was well received.  I give him the highest of recommendations."

My best,

Rancho Bernardo

February, 2010


When I contacted Mr. Rogers for a ring appraisal, he got back to me within the hour.  We set up a time for him to meet me at my home.  Michael was professional and thorough, not to mention funny.  I enjoyed working with him and will definitely refer friends and family when they need an appraiser.  I am thrilled with the service I received from him. 

Samantha McDonnell

April 2010


Hi Michael,

Thank you for coming to our house for the appraisal.  It was so convenient for my husband and I.  Thank you also for your quick response (same day) to my email and coming out next day.  We were really stressing on the diamond we purchased but your detailed inspection and full report has put us at ease on our purchase.  Learned a lot about diamonds from you as well!  Enjoyed working with you and will highly recommend you to whoever I can.

Thanks again!


Sabrina and Tim Chisholm

May 2010



Thanks for the quick response, results, and excellent customer service. I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge of diamonds. Could not be happier.



Dennis Szuberla

San Diego, CA

May 2010


"Michael Rogers was a great pleasure to work with.  After my initial inquiry, he was very quick to respond, and the flexibility he showed in meeting location and time was outstanding.  We were able to meet the very next day after my initial call.  The appraisal procedure was quick and easy, and Michael was very personable and understanding in answering any questions I had about the appraisal process.  Once he completed the appraisal, he carefully reviewed the entire packet of information with me to ensure I understood everything it contained.  I highly recommend his services and will seek them again should I need similar services in the future." 


Mike Carter

June 2010


Michael Rogers immediately returned my phone call regarding appraising my rings.  He was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and very personable.

This was my first experience with a mobile appraisal and would highly recommend Michael Rogers.


Marcia Wake

Jan 2011


Mike came highly recommended to me by Robbins Bros.  I called him to appraise my diamond ring and Michele watch.  He was very professional, prompt and super nice - a pleasure to work with!  It is obvious that he has a lot of experience in the field.  The appraisal was emailed to me in a very professional, explanatory and easy to read format.  I highly recommend him!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me:*


Robin K

Feb 2011




Thank you for your professional and timely service.  You bring both technical expertise and a pleasant demeanor to your work.  We enjoyed being able to follow along as you inspected the jewelry and explained everything you were observing.  We fully intend on being repeat customers should we need an additional appraisal in the future.


Anthony & Nicole Rossi.

Feb 2011


We were referred to Michael by our jeweler (David and Sons) to have our custom made engagement ring appraised.  Michael was a pleasure to deal with.  He was very knowledgeable and very engaging in conversation.  He not only gave us an appraisal, but showed us how to identify our unique diamond.  He took the time to make sure we understood what was going on and provided in depth explanations.  Best of all, he came to see us at work, which made this hassle-free. 

I would recommend him to anyone needing an appraiser and we thoroughly pleased with the services we received.

Thanks again for all your help.


Adrian Garcia Sega and Emily Satkiewicz

March 2011



Michael is knowledgeable, professional, and delightful to deal with.  He makes you feel at home with the things precious to you and his mobile service is super convenient.


Simone Ressner
March 2011



"I was referred to Gem Secrets Gemological Services by Robbins brothers because I did not want to leave my diamonds with just any jeweler. Michael Rogers came to my home on time and was very personable, professional and reasonably priced. He did the evaluation right in front of us, let us view what he saw in the microscope, explained what he saw  and provided us with an appraisal. I would most certainly recommend Michael and Gem Secrets to anyone who wants to have their jewelry appraised by someone so honest and professional."



Missio Viejo

March 2011



"I was searching to find an appraiser who wouldn't require that I leave my diamond ring with them, and was a Graduate Gemologist.  I had a hard time at first finding someone who would return calls, etc. and he was great because he 

 A) answered phone   B) He is mobile   C) very quick & efficient

I was given a pdf. document immediately upon his completion of inspection.   I would refer his services to anyone - very professional & courteous!"


April W.

San Marcos 

March 2011



It was so easy to get the appraisal. He was very professional and nice. You get the whole appraisal In less than an hour without ever having to leave your house. Very easy to schedule an appointment and he was very knowledgeable.


Nicole H.

Del Mar

March 2011



Awesome guy, fast, easy, professional, and reasonably priced.  Would definitely use again. Thanks Mike!


Jason P.

San Diego

April 2011



Michael Rogers is very professional and very reasonable price, I highly recommend him.



May 2011



It is very hard to find a graduate gemologist qualified to give jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes here in Southwest Riverside County.  The one other person who does it in this area is unfortunately on an extended medical leave so I turned to the internet, where I was lucky to find Michael Rogers.  He is based out of San Diego County but offers mobile service and was willing to travel to Temecula.  

He was very prompt and professional both with calls back to arrange a time to meet and showing up the day of the appraisal.  He brings all of his equipment and computer to your location and is able to do while-you-wait service.

Some jewelers say they offer appraisal but in reality they want to keep your items for several days or even weeks and send it out to a different location.  With Michael Rogers, your jewelry never leaves your sight.  Also his turnaround on the report is very quick because he is able to do the appraisal then and there.

He produced an 11-page professionally written document plus cover letter that I could email to my insurance company.

Cost  is competitive with regional appraisers (maybe even a better deal considering that he doesn't charge extra for mobile service.)


Julie G.


May 2011 



Hi Michael ~

Thanks again for helping me get the appraisal I needed to add a jewelry rider to my Homeowners policy. 

I was so happy to find a mobile service that spared me the hassle of transporting my pieces and waiting around somewhere while they were appraised.  I greatly appreciated your quick response time and felt very at ease with you from the moment we spoke on the phone to when you arrived on my doorstep the next day!  

It was interesting to watch you work and have you share some facts with me. I'm so happy you discovered the loose stones in my wedding band so I could get it repaired before I lost one of them!  Thanks again!


San Diego
May 2011


Michael was great. I called him around 10am and he was able to come to my work in the same day (2pm) to do my appraisal (on my engagement ring). He was on time and very professional. All he needed was a table and outlet to set up shop. Michael was able to tell me about my ring and how to recognize my diamond if I was ever concerned about someone switching it. I will admit I did not shop around (he was recommended by Robins Bros), but I was happy with the price he charged and with his services.  He was very fun to work with.


Ka K.


June 2011



Michael came to my home recently to appraise a pair of diamond stud earrings and a wedding set. I appreciated his timeliness and easy going personality. He was able to examine the jewelry and explain the process to me at the same time. I will definitely call him again for any future needs as well as recommend him without hesitation to family and friends. Thanks Michael!


Gio G.


June 2011



Thanks to my procrastination, I needed same-day turn around my future Fiancé's antique engagement ring. Michael was recommended and met me at my office within an hour. His friendly demeanor and calm tuition put me at ease as he showed me through all the facets of my purchase. Later that day I had a full report for my insurance company and the happy surprise that I'd got quite a deal on the ring. I'd recommend Michael in a heartbeat; looking for a gem stone appraisal? Look no further.


Tim Mudd

San Diego

June 2011



Super great service, prompt, professional, reasonable. Its great to know I have found a professional appraiser that I can always call on and will always refer to others.


Paula M.

Sun City, CA

Aug. 2011



Michael was great.  He traveled to my place of business to do the appraisal, which was a huge timesaver. We laughed a lot while he was here, too.  Even better!  His appraisal file came via pdf file, which was easy to email to my insurance agent.  He was also available to come out quickly - he even offered to come out on the day I called him.

Very satisfied!


Michelle M.

San Diego, CA

Sept. 2011



It was very convenient for me. He met me at a local Starbucks near my work and kept me apprised of our meet time that morning. He was polite and efficient and explained the details of the report to me. I appreciate his professionalism on how he handled my needs.


Mark L.

Resesa, CA

Sept. 2011



Very professional.  The Gemologist was easy to get ahold of and he set up an appointment with me 32 hours in advance to come to my location for the appraisal.  He was very punctual and personable. Highly experienced and knowledgeable.   I would definitely recommend him to a friend and plan to use again.


Jeremy S.

San Diego, CA

Oct. 2011



Michael impressed me.  He was professional, thorough, and very pleasant to work with. The report he created is well done, including images and explanations.  I would use his services again and I highly recommend him.


Devon M.

Glendale, CA

Nov. 2011



I have been married for over 1 year now and have been putting off getting my ring insured.  I have been heaing horror stories on where people have gotten them stolen.  My husband worked too many long hours for me to let something bad happen to my ring and not have it insured.  I called Robbins Bros and asked if they could reffer me to an appraiser.  They gave me the contact information of Michael Rogers from Gem Secrets. I called Michael and he was very professional on the phone and was able to come to my office the very same day.  He gave me my appraisal to submit to my insurance company within an hour.  My ring never left my sight either.  I would highly recommend Michael to anyone!


Perla D.

Ontario, CA

Nov. 2011



Michael was recommended to me by a colleague at work and it was incredible - he was available that day, he showed up on time at my office (a little early, even!) and he was ready to go with all the tools available, including a laptop and a microscope. I wanted the appraisal before resizing my ring; I was hesitant to turn it over to a jeweler because of horror stories that I had heard of jewelers switching out diamonds. Michael was able to describe the style of the ring to me and point out with the microscope all the unique characteristics of the ring and its diamonds. These characteristics were also listed in his report that he provided to me on a zip disk right there. It was all done before my lunch hour was up and I am very happy - now I have a document to email to my insurance company and confidence that I know my ring!


Sheila K

San Diego, CA

Nov. 2011



Bought an engagement ring and had Mike to my office the same day I called. He was excellent. Answered all my questions and he obviously knows his stuff.


David R.

Santa Cruz, CA

Dec. 2011



When purchasing a diamond it is very important that you get an appraisal of what you are buying from someone knowledgeable on the subject, i.e. a graduate gemologist. Unfortunately, "mobile" graduate gemologists who can do on-the-spot appraisals are very scarce indeed. By providing a mobile appraisal service, Michael is able to timely provide his clients with an appraisal, with a quick lesson on how diamonds are graded, with all the paperwork that will be required for insurance purposes, and with the security of knowing that everything will be done within view rather than by mail or behind closed doors. The service Michael provided us with was very professional, efficient, and courteous. Moreover, when we contacted him a few weeks later for a pdf of the appraisal report, he promptly sent it the very next day. Not only does he provide excellent service, but he is very friendly. It is obvious that Michael has a lot of experience working as a gemologist. I would definitely use him again. If you need a timely appraisal from someone you can trust, Michael is definitely the one to contact.


K. E.

Temecula, CA

Jan 2012



We were pleased to find Michael & to have him come to us to appraise my jewelry. We were not wanting to leave my jewelry at a store to get appraised or have it sent away (3 weeks, really?). He was able to come appraise my jewelry the day after I called, which wAs wonderful. After describing the appraisal & the mapping, he let us look at the diamonds under the microscope, so we knew what to look for that made my diamond unique.

The price he charged was comparable to the other appraisers I looked at & under many of them, plus I did not have to go sit in a store while they looked at my jewelry.  

We were able to send the PDF of the appraisal to our insurance company the same day & they accepted it without any problems.

Overall a great experience!!!


Andy M.

Vista, CA

Feb 2012



Michael is FANTASTIC. He commuted to meet me at my office to make it extremely convenient. He is extraordinarily thorough and a pleasure to work with.


Sean F.

San Diego, CA

Feb 2012


Michael Rogers was recommended to me by a large jewelry chain in Orange County. I phoned him on a Friday afternoon (hoping to set up an appointment in the near future). He was in my area and available, thus showed up within the hour.

Michael was professional, friendly, and informative; educating me on the process as well as the blueprint of my ring. My insurance company required that I get an appraisal as I wanted to cover my engagement ring under my home owner's insurance. Immediately following the appraisal, I had an electronic copy to forward to my insurance carrier! It was so convenient.

I highly recommend Michael for any appraisal needs you have.


Kristine P.

Aliso Viejo, CA

Feb 2012


I was in need of a certified appraisal for a piece of jewelry so that my insurance would cover it. Robbins Bros. referred me to Michael. I was very impressed when at the end of our conversation (while still standing in Robbins Bros.) we had scheduled to meet only an hour and a half later. The appraisal took about an hour. Michael is very personable and at the end of the appraisal he provided me with a PDF document ready to be emailed over to my insurance company. Quick, thorough and efficient!

I highly recommend his services. The next time I need a certified appraisal, I will definitely call him again.


Gabriela L.

San Diego, CA

Feb  2012



I was getting frustrated trying to find an appraiser for my diamond ring. Several of the "chain' jewelry stores didn't do appraisals and the ones who did charged an arm and a leg for the service. I read the previous reviews for Michael Rogers on yelp and decided to give him a call. I was very impressed with the service that he provided and here is why:


1. He answered his phone- no voice mail or call backs


2. He charged about half the price that the "chain" store did


3. He was very flexible with his schedule and came to my home the same day to do the appraisal. This was extremely helpful to me.


4. Mr. Rogers was thorough in checking my ring. He gave me explanations of the quality of my stone and he even showed me where the inclusion was so I would always be able to identify it if the ring was ever taken somewhere for sizing or repair. I feel that was the most impressive part of the appraisal.


5. I was given a 12 page pdf file of my appraisal.


I feel that Mr. Rogers is an accurate and thorough gemologist. I would highly recommend his services and I will be sure to use him again.


Jennifer W.

Escondido, CA

March 2012


Mr. Rogers is a true professional, making the whole process of getting my jewelry appraised very easy to accomplish. He answered my call in a timely fashion and was on time for our appointment. He is trustworthy, and gave me a very respectful printout with pictures of my jewelry with explanations and information on all aspects of how it was appraised. I felt very secure with his knowledge and the personal attitude he has is wonderful!


Cindy M.

Longmont, CO

March 2012



I had my doubts when my wife told me that we were meeting an appraiser outside a jewelry store in South Orange County. A friend of a friend had given her the name of Michael Rogers. When we arrived for our appointment he was actually waiting for us inside a very nice and secure store. (Robbins Brothers) The other reviews pretty much say it all. Michael is like the "honest mechanic" that you wish you could find when your car needs repair. Good person, knows his craft, and provides timely professional service. What more could you ask for? It was a pleasure doing business with him and will refer him to all of our friends.  


Lou H

Tustin, CA.

April 2012



Michael Rogers came today and gave me an appraisal for a piece of jewelry. it was great not to have to go out and get it done. He was very friendly and very professional. I would greatly recommend him to everyone.

Dana I.

San Diego, CA

April 2012 



Gem Secrets is fantastic!!! A friend of mine highly recommended Michael for the appraisal. Michael came to my home to handle the appraisal. His mobile service is just what I needed with my hectic schedule. He was prompt and very courteous. He got right to work and I had the Appraisal Report emailed to me before he left. The mobile service saved me time and money and you can't beat his prices. I would definitely recommend Michael for all your jewelry appraisal needs. GREAT customer service. He is the best in town!!!


Mia R.

Carlsbad, CA

April 2012



I found Michael while searching for someone to appraise the engagement ring I had bought. I purchased it in Missouri, and wanted to get it appraised for a little piece of mind and insurance purposes. He went out of his way to fit me in the SAME DAY, and drove up from San Diego to MEET me at my office. 45 minutes later, our business was done and he had a detailed appraisal for me in PDF form. This allows me to access it via email and send it to the insurance company, as well as keep a great record for myself. Overall, the service was outstanding. Michael is a super friendly guy, who is willing to go out of his way for his customer. He's a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and has awesome credentials to back up his work. Most people don't realize what they are buying when they get an appraisal, so do your research


I highly recommend him to anyone needing an appraisal. 5 STARS!!!


Kristofer B.

Oceanside, CA

May, 2012



I recently got married and had to insure my engagement ring! My husband bought my ring at Robins Bros and they recommended Michael appraise my diamond ring and wedding band. I am so happy that I did because meeting Michael was a great experience. I called him on a Wednesday and he was able to meet at a Starbucks near my house by the following Friday. He has such a positive attitude, you can tell he enjoys his job. I had a fantastic experience and now have an appraisal I can provide to my insurance company.

Working with Michael was convenient and he was finished within an hour. I will recommend him to friends that need an appraisal. Do not trust your diamond to just anyone!


Lori K.

Pasadena, CA

May, 2012


I had to have my engagement ring and wedding band appraised for insurance purposes. My husband had purchased and designed them at Robbins Brothers, who referred us to Michael for the appraisal. We have had a wonderful and trusting relationship with Robbins Brothers, so we decided to call. We are SO happy we did! What a wonderful experience from a professional, knowledgeable, and charismatic individual! Michael provided such a positive experience with his positive attitude! His love for what he does shows, and that helped to add to the experience. I would HIGHLY recommend Michael for jewelry appraisals. He is worth every penny, and peace-of-mind is priceless!


Olivia S

San Diego, CA

May, 2012



I just got my fiancée's ring appraised by Gem Secrets on Friday, we are getting married in 1 week and I have a million things to do, Michael's mobile service really helped. Thanks again!


Marcus H.

San Diego, CA

May, 2012 



As I was looking to appraise my engagement ring, I knew I didn't want to spend too much money OR have to leave my ring at the store. I called Robbins Bros, and since they don't do outside appraisals, they highly recommended Michael Rogers. They told me he was mobile and I wouldn't have to leave my ring. Plus, with the most popular engagement ring store referring his name, I definitely took the chance and called him. Michael was very professional, prompt, very funny, and super nice - an absolute gem to work with! :) He also was not as expensive as the jewelry stores I called and I didn't have to leave my ring.  It was very obvious that he has had a lot of experience in the field and cares about his customers.  Michael showed me the appraisal paperwork and explained the easy-to-read format. He then emailed the document to me, a 10 page PDF document that can effortlessly be emailed to your insurance company. I will definitely use him again if I need something appraised! I highly recommend Michael Rogers for any appraisal needs!!!


Kimbery R.

San Diego, CA

May, 2012


Robbins Bros recommended Michael and I am so glad they did. I have heard horror stories that people have brought their diamonds into a jewelry store & left them to be appraised only to have them switched out with less than quality diamonds! He was professional, friendly, and polite. Mike comes to you, so the diamond that you worked so hard for never leaves your sight! His appraisal was emailed instantly and it was easy to follow. State Farm commented on how professional it was. I would highly recommend Michael!


Stacey H.

San Diego, CA

June, 2012



Michael was very professional from the moment he stepped in the door. He was pleasant, answered all my questions and got right down to work. He worked steadily and quickly. He asked pertinent questions and took photographs of all the pieces. I was extremely pleased with the appraisal and photos I received.
I will have him come back for additional work as needed.


Beth J.

San Diego, CA

June, 2012



My husband has used Michael Rogers for several years to appraise our jewelry. After moving to TX a few years ago we could not find someone who was as reputable as Michael. So on a recent visit back to CA we made arrangements to have several pieces appraised. Michael came at the appointed time, had everything ready to go, and was outstanding! He is professional and provides a great learning experience. I was able to look at my diamond so that I can identify it in the future.

We have a copy of his book and have referred it to several friends as well!


B N.

Carrollton, TX

June, 2012



My parents previously used Michael's service to appraise both my grandmother's jewelry as well as their own. They were quite happy with his professionalism and thoroughness. I was able to easily contact Michael and set up a time that accommodated my schedule. He was prompt, polite, funny, and immediately started work. The final document was perfect for both will and insurance use and included a photo, complete summary, and total value for each piece.
I highly recommend Michael and would not hesitate to use him again in the future, specifically if purchasing diamonds or unique pieces.


Dan H.

Del Mar, CA

July, 2012




Michael Rogers was professional and timely in providing my appraisal. He is highly knowledgeable on the diamond industry and intriguing to speak with. I recommend his services with enthusiasm.

Geoffrey M.

San Clemente, CA

July, 2012



I enjoyed working with Michael. He is well schooled in his field and took a great deal of time explaining each part of the appraisal as well as teaching me about the piece of jewelry.


Shawn W.

Dana Point, CA

July, 2012



Michael was VERY professional. He drove 45 miles to do my appraisal! He really took the time to explain in extensive detail the quality of my pieces. I definitely recommend him. He will travel anywhere. CALL HIM TODAY!!


Toni T.

Fullerton, CA

July, 2012 



Gem Secrets shouldn't be a secret anymore!

I loved my experience with Gem Secrets! I called on Thursday, July 12 around 10 AM and spoke to Michael for an appraisal appointment. We're getting insurance for my engagement ring. I was planning on scheduling an
appointment for Friday, luckily, I was able to see him the very same day!

He and his daughter (who I wasn't expecting, but was fine about because she was silently reading. She wasn't at school because it's the summer) arrived promptly at my home at 2, and got started right away.

He said it would take about 45 minutes, it lasted about an hour but I didn't mind because it only felt like 20. Michael is very professional, informative, friendly, and funny. What else can you ask for?!

He sent the detailed 11 pages long pdf appraisal to my e mail address which stated that my jewelry was worth a little more (9%) than what we had paidfor 6 years ago!

Gem Secrets was referred to me by Robbins Brothers in Glendale, where my now husband, purchased my engagement ring, and fortunately on Thursday Michael had driven up from San Diego to the Glendale store and when I called he had time to stop by Alhambra and appraise my ring. Yup, from San Diego!

He does provide a mobile service so he comes to you. You decide if you want to meet at your home, office, the Robbins Brother's location etc. all he needs is a wifi and power connection. I have to admit, I was hesitant and scared about inviting a stranger into my home, but he IS legit!

I was told the cost would be $75 but I suppose different jewelry items have different appraisal fees, mine was double that. It sounds steep but I would absolutely do this again because my ring never, EVER left my sight. When people drop their items off at jewelry stores which do appraisals sometimes they are outsourced and appraised else where and it takes days for you to see your jewelry again. I personally don't like the idea of my sentimental jewelry traveling without me and with strangers. So for the convenience, security, and peace of mind I would definitely call Michael again.

I highly recommend Gem Secrets / Michael!

Alice H.


July, 2012



I just had my ring appraised by Mike and he did a great professional job.  Great person and personality.


Ellen Novak Jamison

West Lake Villiage, CA
August, 2012



Michael is as professional as they come! Extremely knowledgeable and trustworthy. He came to our home for the appraisal and made us very comfortable and feel safe. I highly recommend his services and his fees are very reasonable.

Steve and Katie S. 

San Clemente

September, 2012



Michael Rogers with Gem Secrets Gemological Services is an outstanding jewelry appraiser. He was prompt, courteous, professional, and I felt honest. He answered all my questions about the appraisal process and how to evaluate my wife's ring. Upon completion of the appraisal, I received an email with a pdf of my appraisal which was just fine for the insurance company. It was a big plus not to have to leave my ring with a jewelry store. He serves the San Diego and south Orange County areas easily. I would use his services again and would recommend him to friends. A+!


Ken M.

San Diego, CA

September, 2012


My wife and I wanted to get her ring appraised in order have it insured on the homeowner policy. So we called up Robin Bros. and they recommended Michael Rogers.

Michael was right on time for our appointment. He was very polite and professional while conducting his work. The report he wrote up was very comprehensive and he even got it back to me within 24 hours!
Both my wife and I were very happy we called Michael. Thanks again!


Edmond P.

San Clemente, CA

October, 2012  


Mr. Michael A. Rogers G.G. appraised my jewelry, and was so accurate and professional. Mr. Michael A. Rodgers came to my home, the same day I called and requested his services, and was professional throughout the process. He was kind and gentle in his manner, and I appreciated that most of all. I would recommend Mr. Rodgers to anyone who needs appraisal's for jewelry. Thank you


Shareine A.  

Mira Loma, CA

Oct.19, 2012


I was referred to Mike Rogers of Gem Secrets by my insurance agent, as I wanted to insure my wedding ring. Mike called right back and set up an appt. to come to my house, (very convenient!)- and was on time. Very pleasant, had all with him to do the job, and sent a very professional appraisal to my email, which I printed out for myself and could send on electronically to my insurance agent. Thanks Mike!


Bonnie K

El Cajon, CA

October, 2012



Michael was referred to me highly by Robins Bros. and let me tell you i greatly appreciate them doing so for me. He was extremely fast and prompt as a matter of fact he was able to get me in for same day service, that is unheard of anymore, and to top it off he is a mobile appraisal service. So, I was able to stay in the peace and comfort of my own home while he came to me.

He produced a well laid out and designed appraisal for me to send off to my insurance company. Michael was very energetic and extremely personable, and easy to talk to. If you are looking for great service and a well put together jewelry appraisal this is the guy to go to, Don't hesitate I know I will be having him come back to me very shortly.


Chad O

Corona, CA

November, 2012



I needed an insurance appraisal for my weddingbands. I called Robins Bros where I purchased the rings and they recommended Michael Rogers. I contacted Michael and he arrived at my resindence within hours to appraise my rings. He spent less then an hour and completed my rings appraisal for my insurance policy. during the appraisal Michael was very funny and profesional. Great with kids. On top of all that completed my appraisal on site and sent me a PDF copy of my appraisal on the spot. I just wanted to says thank you to Michael for a great job and I would highly reccomend his servcies to others.


Javier M.

Mission Viejo

November, 2012



Awesome service!!! Got his information through Robins Brothers. Very polite, punctual, and most of all, honest. Returns calls immediately and answer all questions you might have. What impressed me the most was his knowledge of jewelry. I will definitely recommend him to all of my friends that need appraisals on their jewelry. Very good mobile services, will meet you virtually anywhere in southern California.


Marissa A.

Los Angeles, CA

January, 2013



Michael set up our appointment for the next day and was prompt, arriving with the numerous pieces of equipment for anything that might have cropped up during the appraisal, including an extra long extension cord.   He explained the process thoroughly which includes an emailed 10+ page (pdf file) appraisal with explanations of all included information.  Michael worked quickly and efficiently, and it was a pleasure to have him come to the house for this insurance requirement.  One jewelrystore would have sent the ring to Seattle for the appraisal and it would have taken up to 2 weeks.


Elizabeth P.

Tarzana, CA

January, 2013



I was referred to Gem Secrets by AAA.. Michael is a certified gemologist and is extremely professional. He came to my home (which was extremely convenient) right on time. His service was very affordable and he did an excellent job! I would highly recommend Gem Secrets to anyone needing a jewelry appraisal.


Bill L.

Lakeside, CA

January, 2013



Michael was recommended to me by Robbins Bros. when I was looking for an appraisal of a Tiffany ring my grandfather bought for my grandmother in the '50s and which I gave to my wife for our engagement.

We live in Los Angeles, and Michael travels to meet you. I am very prompt by nature, and Michael was already there waiting when we arrived. He would have come directly to our home, but it was in a terrible state so we met in an appropriate public space.

Michael was fun and easy to hang out with while he inspected our ring. He is knowledgeable and informative and taught us quite a bit about the ring, the diamond, and related questions we had about diamonds and rings in general.

He sent a pdf to us with the appraisal immediately after our appointment. I have a couple of other rings I need appraised at the moment and I'm enthused to have an expert in my corner that I trust and believe in, and with whom I know I will enjoy the appointment (bonus!).

Highly, highly recommended.



Los Angeles, CA

January, 2013



Michael was highly recommended to us by Robbins Bros in Mission Viejo. He arrived on time, with all the necessary equipment. He spent the time to analyze each piece of jewelry very carefully, and shared his insights with us, both favorable and unfavorable, regarding our pieces. He gave us a crash course in jewelry that will better equip us in the future as we add to our collection. His report was very clear and professional, including detailed descriptions of each piece, drawings of the inclusions in the stones, and a digital photograph of each piece. He did all this at our kitchen table, while we watched. He is also highly personable and someone you would genuinely appreciate as a friend. We now have a report that will protect us with insurance should something bad happen. His fee was reasonable and was definitely money well spent. I highly recommend him.


Gregg M.

Laguna Niguel

January, 2013  


I was on the look out for an appraisal on my grandmothers ring and couldn't find anyone I could trust. Then I found Michael through a ring company who was highly recommended by them. He is mobile and met with me the next day I called him. Wonderful experience, trusting and very easy to work with. If you need an appraisal this is the guy who will be there for you! Thank You Michael! A++++ SERVICE.


Chris S.

West Hills

March, 2013


Great Service. Very friendly, trustworthy, and professional. His convenient mobile service and 1-hour appraisal was preferred over leaving a ring for days to weeks at a jewelry store for appraisals. Extremely thorough in explaining and showing us all the characteristics of the diamond. Finalized the appraisal by providing us with a pdf copy of the comprehensive appraisal, including images. Answered all our questions regarding the ring and maintenance. It was reassuring to have the ring appraised where it never left our sight. Highly recommend Michael.


H. C.

Laguna Hills

March, 2013


Excellent Service.  I was given Michael's name by a large engagement ring store in my area.  His convenient service allowed me to continue working while getting an insurance appraisal done, which would have taken me much more time at a traditional shop than the 1-hour, come to you service he provided.  His report was detailed and thorough.  Pleasant person and a significant timesaver.  I would recommend him to anyone.


John W.

Ladera Ranch

March, 2013



Michael is awesome. We were referred to him by David & Sons for our engagement ring appraisal. We called him and he came to our house in La Jolla within a day. He was very thorough and told/showed us everything we needed to know about our ring. And his price was really great too, considering he comes to your house. Will definitely call him again when we need another piece of jewelry appraised!



San Diego, CA

March, 2013



Mike Rogers is the best jewelry appraiser we've ever dealt with.  Extremely professional and pleasant.  Very knowledgeable providing helpful tips for diamond care, etc.  The best part is he comes to you - convenience at its finest.  We definitely recommend using this guy!



San Clemente

April, 2013



Michael was referred to me by Robbins Bros. in Glendale for a loose diamond appraisal. I gave him a call and he came by the next day in the AM.  He was very knowledgeable and honest.  He worked very efficiently and answered all my questions thoroughly.


Ralph T.

Panoramara City

May, 2013



I needed to get several pieces of jewelry appraised for insurance purposes and I found Gem Secrets. Michael (G.G.) is an independent jewelry appraiser and he mobile, so he will come to your home or workplace to appraise your items! It was great because he returned my phone call promptly and I was able to make an appointment for the next day for an appraisal at my home in San Marcos. He is local to Vista, but he will travel to the surrounding areas such as Orange County and Riverside County.

Michael is was easy to work with, really knowledgeable, and is personable. He provided me with tidbits about our jewelry and allowed me to view the diamond. He was done in about an hour and provided a pdf copy of the appraisal.

The appraisal was a quite a bit of $$, but he came out to the home to do it. Also, he is not associated with any store, so I know that my appraisal is going to be far less biased versus getting one in a store, so the cost was worth it.


Was his services worth the price I paid...YES! Would I use him again...YES! Would I recommend him...YES! 


Frank F.

San Marcos, CA

May, 2013



Very professional and friendly.  He made an appointment me with me and showed up on time. He brings his equipment with him so you don't have to send your jewelry out, so it doesn't leave your site. And when he's done, he sends you your electronic appraisal right then and there. And his prices are very fair! I would recommend him to anyone of my close friends and family!!!


Richard E. 

San Diego, CA

June, 2013



Fantastic!!!! I needed someone to appraise my ring for insurance purposes. I had my grandmas ring appraised and decided to use her diamond in my ring!! Well the company I bought my ring from didn't appraise items that were not bought through them. But they recommended Michael Rogers!! I couldn't be happier to have gone through him!! Not only does your ring never leave your sight. He is funny and so warm and friendly. He provides you with a very descriptive appraisal and gives you the complete specs of your ring and its inclusions. I am amazed!!!! You need someone to come to you, he is your guy!!!!!!! His price was WAY cheaper than a local company I used before and he is mobile and you get your ring back immediately. Please use him!!! SOOOOO HAPPPY!!!!


Thank you again Michael!!!


Shauna L.

Santa Clarita

June, 2013



Great guy who does a nice job!!   It was so nice to have mike come over to my house and appraise my jewelry.   Plus he was reasonable.


Stacey M.

Los Angeles

June, 2013



After upgrading my wedding ring our insurance company needed an appraisal to add coverage for it to our policy. We were given an appraisal when we made the purchase at Unicorn Jewelers in Rancho Bernardo but I have heard that jewelry stores often inflate their appraisals to make it look like they have given a better deal. I decided to call an independent appraiser to verify the value of the purchase we made at Unicorn and also to make sure we weren't over insuring the ring. I found Michael Rogers of Gem Secrets Gemological Services on the internet after searching for an appraiser that makes house calls. I did not want to drop my ring off for an appraisal for fear of the stone being swapped. Michael came out to my house and appraised my ring. I am happy to report that his appraisal was almost identical to the one I was given by Unicorn when we purchased the ring. I did not show Michael the report I had for my ring so all of the stats he confirmed he detected on his own. This proved to me that Unicorn Jewelers was absolutely honest in their dealings with us and also that Michael really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone who needs a certified appraiser. He was professional and friendly and gave me a detailed report the day of the appraisal.


Michelle M.

San Marcos

August 2013



We were referred to Michael Rogers by a local jewelry business. He came to our home; advised us on what was worth appraising and what was not; and gave us the appraisal documentation that we needed. Not only was it a pleasure to work with him, but our insurance company (USAA) informed us that the documents Michael Rogers created were among the most thorough and useful ones that they had ever received. Highly recommended.


Deborah M.

Coronado, CA

August, 2013



Michael was referred to me by Robbins jewelry. He called me back immediately and even came to our house on a Sunday!! He is very reasonably priced and very good at this job. I highly recommend him for appraisal as well as for helping any of those guys out there looking for a good diamond for their bride to be!!


Diana C.

Topanga Canyon

 August, 2013



Michael was referred to me by Robbins jewelry. He called me back immediately and even came to our house on a Sunday!!   He is very reasonably priced and very good at this job. I highly recommend him for appraisal as well as for helping any of those guys out there looking for a good diamond for their bride to be!


Dana Cheng

September, 2013 


Michael was a true professional! The appraisal was relatively painless and swift, given the level of detail included in the report, and Michael made the process a pleasure. The report and his professional opinion were invaluable and well worth the cost! I would definitely recommend his services!


Steve Kassebaum 

November, 2013 


I was referred to Gem Secrets for a ring appraisal and I have to say working with Gem Secrets was great. Michael was quick to reply to emails and phone calls and he was very accommodating of my schedule (even when I changed our meeting time and location at the last minute). Most importantly though, I was impressed with the work Michael did. The appraisal was quick, he gave great explanations on what he was doing and what he was looking for. The final appraisal report was excellent and sent as a PDF which is handy. Overall, working with Gem Secrets was a great experience. I would absolutely refer friends and family to them.
Roger Greene
November, 2013

Michael with Gem Secrets was fantastic. He did a great job appraising our jewelry and was very informative. All of our questions were answered in a very knowledgeable way. Michael has a delightful personality that makes it very easy to welcome him into our house. His mobile service is unique and very helpful during a busy time. He traveled over 50 miles to meet with us and the cost for his service is very reasonable. 


J. Michaels

November, 2013


Michael was a pleasure to work with…arrived on time, super knowledgeable & explained everything very well…I love the fact that he comes to you!! I would highly recommend Michael & Gem Secrets.. 


Joe Garcia

December, 2013 


Michael came highly recommended by a leading diamond and jewelry retailer. He agreed to meet us at a public location. He was punctual, totally professional, friendly, and had an impressive array of portable diagnostic instruments. 30 minutes after he started the appraisal process we had our appraisal. We are highly confident in his abilities and accuracy.Michael came highly recommended by a leading diamond and jewelry retailer. He agreed to meet us at a public location. He was punctual, totally professional, friendly, and had an impressive array of portable diagnostic instruments. 30 minutes after he started the appraisal process we had our appraisal. We are highly confident in his abilities and accuracy.


George Wofford

January, 2013


I found Michael while searching for someone to appraise the engagement ring I had bought.  I purchased it in Missouri, and wanted to get it appraised for a little piece of mind and insurance purposes.  He went out of his way to fit me in the SAME DAY, and drove up from San Diego to MEET me at my office.  45 minutes later, our business was done and he had a detailed appraisal for me in PDF form.  This allows me to access it via email and send it to the insurance company, as well as keep a great record for myself.  Overall, the service was outstanding.  Michael is a super friendly guy, who is willing to go out of his way for his customer.  He's a certified gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and has awesome credentials to back up his work.  Most people don't realize what they are buying when they get an appraisal, so do your research!  

I highly recommend him to anyone needing an appraisal. 5 STARS!!


Kristofer B.

Oceanside, CA

February, 2014


Do NOT go any where else besides Michael at Gem Secrets for an appraisal. Michael is very professional, educated, friendly, and accessible. He came to my home and appraised my fiancées engagement ring from Robbins Brothers within an hour. I'm sure he could of done it faster if we weren't getting side tracked laughing. Also, he emailed me a copy of the appraisal after he finished within minutes to my email address so I can send it off to my insurance carrier. I will be highly recommending Michael to ALL my family and friends. I was very impressed with him! Thank you, Michael. : ) 


Lucus Bonzer

January, 2014


We were in need of an appraisal for my engagement ring and wanted someone who could do them the same day. Where we bought the ring, they wanted us to drop it off and pick up at a later date. I am sorry but I didn't want to let it out of my sight. Michael was awesome, not only did he answer the first time I called (I left a message for 3 different appraisers who I still have not heard back from) but he also was very flexible with my schedule. Upon arrival he was not only professional and knowledgeable, but very down to earth. He not only showed us how to identify our diamond for the future but told us who made it. It was great having him come to us and appraise the ring right before our very eyes. I would highly recommand him!! Thanks Michael


Angel and Jeff 

January, 2014



Michael did a great job on our appraisal. He was detailed and very thorough. He was very kind and took the time to answer all our questions. It was so nice to have him come to our home to do the appraisal and he was able to come the next day. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to have their jewelry appraised. Thanks Michael!!


Trevor Knight

February, 2014. 


I had a set of diamond earrings and a lavaliere, which I wanted to get appraised and Robins Brothers referred me to Michael / Gem Secrets. I had called him and he immediately responded and set up an appointment time where he would come to my house. This is obviously expensive I thought since he is coming to me, but he only charged for the appraisal and not the service of having it done in my own home. 


Angelika Cullers

March, 2014 



We were referred to Michael by Bert Levi Family Jewelers, and were very impressed with is services. He came right to our apartment, was on time, and was very professional, personable, and informative. He also showed my wife and I how to clean her ring, which was very helpful. We have already referred Michael to my sister-in-law to get her ring appraised, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of a jewerly appraisal  


Greg Mirkrut

April, 2014


I needed an appraisal done on an engagement ring for insurance purposes as the insurer would not accept the loose diamond appraisal certificate alone. Michael came out to my office building, we set up his equipment in a room, he was done in ~45 min, and I had the appraisal in my email inbox before he left the office. He was very professional and personable. I would recommend anyone needing jewelry appraisal to contact these guys. Great experience overall. 


Jamie Wells 

April, 2014 


Great experience with Michael! Really nice guy, did the appraisal in less then an hour and gave me all the details I needed to know about my ring. Would recommend anyone needing an appraisal on jewelry to go to him!! Totally worth it!! :) 


Raina Woodruff 

April, 2014


I talked to several appraisers that my insurance company gave me the names of and they said that it would take 2 weeks for the written portion and I would have to leave my ring with them for at least, 24 hours This was unacceptable to me so I did a search for a better alternative that would allow me to keep my ring in my control at all times.I found Michael and all the good things that I read about his service were true.


He responded to my phone call immediately and met me later in the day to do my appraisal. I was not comfortable meeting a stranger in my home, so we met at the nearby Starbucks. Michael was very professional and courteous. He was finished within an hour and completed all the necessary paperwork required my insurance company.


I told my agent how happy I was with him and she has added him to her list of preferred appraisers.


Kathleen N.

May, 2014


Michael is a true professional and gentleman. Don't trust your precious jewelry to strangers in the mail when you can stay in the comfort of your own home! His rates are competitive and he is great company too. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an appraisal and I feel even better knowing my dollars went to a local small business like Michael's Gem Secrets.


Evan Bender 

San Diego, CA 

May, 2014 


Mr. Rogers provides a jewelry appraisal service where he is able to meet conveniently at your home or any location. Mr. Rogers was able to meet me the same day that I called. He is GG and very knowledgable in every piece of jewelry/gem/diamond when asked. There was no question he could not answer. I did not have to wait 24H to get results, he provided it to me on the spot with full information for the appraisal on my diamond. While he went through each step of the process, he explained everything. My husband and I will definitely call him in the near future to appraise more of our jewelry and also refer him to family and friends. Definitely recommend Mr. RogErs for anyone needing an appraisal!!! Thank you and I am happy with my appraisal!!!


Laren Olivar

Oceanside, CA

July, 2014  


Michael did a great job!. His prices were extremely reasonable and he made this very convenient for me since he came to my home to do the appraisals. He was friendly and very professional. I will use him again if the need arrises.  


Matthew Horn

September, 2014



Michael is without a doubt the best in the industry! I’ve had several pieces of jewelry appraised over the years and there is no one more knowledgeable, professional or dedicated than Michael. The appraisal Michael did for me was my engagement ring. Michael came highly recommended from the jeweler and insurance company assisting me with the ring – and having now worked with him I can see why he is trusted by such reputable companies. From the time I first contacted Michael, I had the pleasure of meeting him, having my ring appraised and appraisal documentation in hand in less than 24 hours! The appraisal was detailed, professional and perfectly met all requirements to have my ring processed through insurance immediately. Professional and prompt would have been more than satisfactory, but Michael goes above and beyond. He is extremely knowledgeable about precious metals, gems and jewelry design; and this knowledge he shares with his clients.

 As a businessman, I understand and appreciate the need for customer service – Michael exceeds beyond all expectations as both a professional and as a person. If you need anything appraised, there is no better professional, and more importantly, no better person I have ever dealt with than Michael. Michael will be the only call I make for any future appraisal needs and will be the only person I recommend to any of my family, friends and colleagues.  


Chris Cooley

October, 2014  

Michael did an outstanding job appraising a custom engagement ring. He conveniently came to us, arriving not only promptly, but early, and on a weekend too! Michael made the appraisal process both fun and informative, taking a genuine interest in teaching us about diamonds and the various methods to recognize my fiancee's unique ring. He educated us about ring maintenance too, and even provided helpful tips on obtaining a good insurance policy for the ring as well. I would highly recommend Michael, as he is a true expert in his field!


Spenser Solis

November, 2014


Overall: exceptional. Michael was accommodating, professional, knowledgeable, patient, and just plain good at getting the job done correctly. I recently proposed to my now fiance, and we wanted a GIA-certified appraisal for insurance. I was amazed how hard it was to find an appraiser, none of the big stores did it and a bunch of other appraisers wanted to keep the ring over a couple days and charge me $200+ sometimes. He was willing to drive up to meet me near LAX during my lunch break and handled it all in a Starbucks in under an hour, complete with a pdf e-mailed to me before I even left the table. While performing the appraisal, he was not only friendly but explained to me a variety of things to look for in the ring and the center stone and how to identify my unique stone (just in case I run across some slimy folks in the future). All for a fair price. Easily a 5/5, and I will definitely recommend using his services to my friends as they start proposing as well.


Alec W.

November, 2014